#MeetTheStoryteller – Episode 3

Meet The Storyteller: Episode 3 Name: Marianne Christensen From: Denmark *** *** *** So, what is your story Marianne? I was born on a family farm in 1954, but grew up in different places on the island Lolland in Denmark, because my father changed from being a farmer to working as a mechanic. I was

Confession: I visited a mganga

Confession. I went to visit the local Mganga. I have always wondered about these dudes (and dudettes) who have been rumored to have such extreme powers, that even some of the high and mighty in our societies sometimes nyapa nyapa like rats in the night to visit them. Not to mention those whispers of major

Meet The Storyteller – Episode 1

Meet The Storyteller: Episode 1 Storyteller: Lavanya Prasad From: Bangalore – India    ***** So, whats your story? I am a dreamer who sees everything as stories in this world. Stories are an intricate part of me. I’ve been telling stories since I learnt to speak, that’s what I heard from my maternal grandfather, the