WANGARI The Storyteller

A prodigy of Zamaleo Sigana Storytellers – Kenya,
Wangari The Storyteller has come a long way and
graduated into an enviable storyteller.
She has over the last 10 years horned her skills
performing in the most unlikely places for quite
often unpredictable audiences and holds her forte
with both young and the young at heart. With a
performance style grounded in the openness,
interactivity and audience participation,
Wangari The Storyteller’s performances are
designed to be impressive and memorable.
Whether a birthday party, a school open day,
graduation day, culture week, book week,
camp or sleepover, there is something for

Githanda Githae “I believe that the leopard’s success lies in the well camouflaged fur! Speak of an oral storyteller who has the agility, strength and elusive power to enchant you through her repertoire of hadithis. Speak of a distinctive teller with a classic style to sprinkle her diverse stories. Speak of a Shero full of warm words to shelter and capture your soul. She is the camouflaged Wangari, daughter of the Leopard!”
Githanda GithaeWriter, Drama Teacher & Storyteller


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